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Kenichi Teramoto | Architect

Kenichi Teramoto is a Japanese Architect based in Chiba and Founder of office of Teramoto. He acquired his master’s degree at Tokyo University of Science in 2000, and gained professional experience in Rotterdam and Tokyo. He moved to Dubai in 2012, and he was a Founding Partner of waiwai (formerly ibda design). He founded office of Teramoto in 2021 after moving back to Japan from the Middle East. Teramoto was the Co-Curator of the National Pavilion of the UAE for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021, Recipient of the Golden Lion Award.



寺本健一 | 建築家

2000年東京理科大学大学院修了。ロッテルダムの建築設計事務所「Neutelings Riedijk Architects」に勤務後、東京の「シーラカンスアンドアソシエイツ」に所属。国内外の様々なプロジェクトを担当2012年にドバイに拠点を移し「ibda design(後にwaiwaiと改組)」を共同経営。アートセンターやモスクなどのデザインで受賞歴多数。2021年に「waiwai」を離れ、千葉県の勝浦に「office of Teramoto」を 設立。同年ヴェネチアビエンナーレ国際建築展UAE館のキュレーターとして金獅子賞を受賞。



2021-20xx   office of Teramoto | Founder | 代表

2018-2021   waiwai | Founding Partner | Principal Architect

2012-2018   ibda design | Partner| Principal Architect

2002-2012   Coelacanth and Associates | Senior Architect

2000-2002   Neutelings Riedijk Architects | Architect

1994-2000   Tokyo University of Science | M.Arch.